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Inspiring simplicity. Weekend reading.

My desire with every weekend reading is to deliver articles and posts that encourage simplicity and minimalist living. Below you can see links to blog posts and news that I actually have personally chosen over the previous couple of weeks. I hope you can see inspiration and practical assist in them.

This is my goal at Becoming Minimalist: deliberately promoting simplicity to a world that should hear it.

I Found The Best Christmas Gifts You Can Give (Spoiler: They’re All Free) | Guardian by Nell Frizzell. If you break free from the hook of consumerism, you should have joy.

Why even entrepreneurs must rest on holidays | Inc. by Mandy Gilbert. Follow the following pointers to start out 2023 with renewed energy.

What is the 90/90 rule that can assist organize your space? | Home summary by Brook Younger. According to the American Cleaning Institute, most adults spend six hours every week cleansing their homes, however the list of chores doesn’t end there.

Giving up consumerism for Christmas | No sidebar by Julia Ubbenga. Christmas generally is a time of simplicity, generosity, connection and peace. Or it may very well be a season defined by more stuff, busyness and stress. A season made bland by a mad rush for possessions.

99 mess-free gift ideas | Becoming a minimalist Joshua Becker. If you are still on the lookout for gift ideas, here’s a helpful list of 99 gifts I put together a number of years ago. Thought reposting here may be helpful.

Recently released inspirational videos

Christmas decorations we REALLY keep as minimalists | YouTube by Joshua Becker. Kim and I are taking you on a bit of tour of the Christmas decorations we keep in our house.

12 easy ideas to spread the vacation cheer this week | YouTube by Joshua Becker. Here are some ways we are able to deliberately spread holiday cheer this week and make it a bit of more wonderful for everybody.


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