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36 people injured, 11 seriously, as turbulence rocks flight to Hawaii

“There was no warning about this particular patch of air,” he said.

The seat belt sign was on on the time, but a number of the injured weren’t wearing seat belts, Mr Snook said. He said the National Transportation Safety Board would conduct an investigation.

“We could have to look back on the investigation to understand, other than the seat belt sign, what other measures were taken,” he added.

Thomas Vaughan, a National Weather Service meteorologist in (*11*), said a weather warning had been issued for thunderstorms during turbulence.

“They probably flew into the storm,” he said.

Said Kaylee Reyes, a passenger on Flight HA35 Hawaii news now(*36*) that the turbulence got here out of nowhere, causing her mother, who had her seatbelts unbuckled, to be thrown and hit the ceiling of the plane’s cabin.

In recent years, other passengers have faced similarly terrifying turbulence which has resulted in injuries on board. In 2019, 30 people were treated for injuries at John Paul II International Airport. Kennedy in New York when the plane hit severe turbulence. In 2015, 21 passengers aboard an Air Canada flight were injured when sudden and intense turbulence knocked passengers out of their seats.

Jim Ireland, director of the (*11*) Department of Emergency Services, told a news conference that “luckily there have been no deaths or other serious injuries.”

“It’s holidays, everyone seems to be trying to come here on vacation or to go home,” he said. “Usually that is the time when people are comfortable. So this is clearly something they didn’t plan on their trip here.

Liwia Albeck-Ripka contributed to the report.