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10 ways to win back your husband’s heart

In Song of Solomon 4:16, the brand new bride says, “Let my beloved come into his garden and taste its alternative fruits.” This young, clearly confident bride invited her husband to get pleasure from her. There is nothing more appealing to a husband than having his own wife initiate love, and that’s if you and I are sure of who we’re, confident that we’re loved, and assured that we’ll not be rejected.

In Song of Songs 7:1-9, Solomon describes his bride intimately, from the sandals on her feet to the hair on top of her head. Some commentators consider that she could have been dancing in front of him when he wrote this description.

Now you would possibly think that if I used to be a young bride with a slim, flat stomach and looked like her, yes, I might dance in front of my husband. But perhaps you do not feel comfortable with your husband controlling you from head to toe. Or possibly he has made a remark prior to now that makes you’re feeling uncomfortable. I realize that our culture (and maybe some wounds from the past as well) have ingrained in us not to be an “object” to any man and never to be offended by any reference to your body as some extent of visual pleasure for your husband . But please remember something: you’re his for all times – the one woman your husband can take a look at and rejoice with right heart before God.

Think about it. If your husband looks at another person the way in which God allows him to take a look at you, he’ll commit adultery in his heart. So let him enjoy your eyes. Let him enjoy what he sees by caring for himself as best you possibly can, dressing nicely, smelling nice, and looking out at him with the eyes you once had for him. Perhaps if you start him the way in which you used to, he’ll look back the way in which he used to.

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